"Hunting Me" lyrics


"Hunting Me"

So burdened with disgust,
I wage my war against the world.
It can seem a losing battle but it's not.
And I'm going out on my shield.

How much more can I give of myself?
I'm looking deep inside,
If the answers don't come soon I'm fucked.

But I'd rather die then hide.
There's monsters hunting me, I would always stand and fight,
but this beast I recognize. Oh god, not me.

There's monsters hunting me, or just trapped deep inside.
but this beast I recognize. Oh god, not me.
Myself I do distrust, no perfect martyr for the world.
If I think I'm getting out alive I'm not,
but I'm going out on my shield.

I know the score I've been beaten before.
The answers lie inside, I will never know it all who cares?
But I know enough to survive.

Thanks to Billy for these lyrics

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