"Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn" lyrics


"Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn"

Wouldn't you be better off
Did you ever think that maybe it was time to give up the fake laugh
I like you better with the lights off
It's not enough to make me wanna get to know you, or wish that I had you
Is it something that you dreamed up?
You know that Bonnie & Clyde is just a story and its really kinda boring
And to think that we could team up
You'd have a better chance of tricking me into falling in love with you.

Maybe someday you'll find what your after, but your not what I'm looking for.

Don't hold your breath
Because those words will never come out of my mouth
those things you wanna hear but
I confess, just give me one more year, I'll let my inhibitions go
And maybe we can make a run at this!

I know it's been a long time
You spend it lying in your bed with your pictures looking up at the ceiling
and keep wishing that you were mine
Trying to get us together don't you know that it will take me forever
so I'll feed you every cliche line
just enough to keep my conscience at bay, I think you're pretty
but for me its just not a good time
I dunno why you even bother with this I'll never fall in love with you

Maybe someday you'll find what your after, but your not what I'm looking for.

Hold out for the sunset now when your ups and downs all feel the same and
I don't wanna let you down but I'm never gonna play that game
don't fall for the run around, never gonna let you even up the score and
it's all part of the break down when I find you waiting

You're not the kind of girl for me, you're everything I'll never need
It's too late you're in the past, this was never going to last
Somethings are better left unsaid, I hope to god you're not mislead
Another girl I'll gladly miss, cause we were never meant for this

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