"The Answer Is The Question" lyrics


"The Answer Is The Question"

Who controls the truth? For years I've been
searching this answer
Now it has no use,
I saw the answer is the question

Feeling so regretful is nothing when you waste your life
running after nothing, hiding behind lack of time
Growing old is not that painful
when you have those things that make you proud
I'm not talking about money
(just who you care about)

So quest for your calling in life
your grave will be too deep, hard to climb out
So quest for your calling in life
('cause one day you won't have it)
and maybe then you see, that is too late

I know you're not bulletproof,
but I really think that you should try
Fear was always something treacherous,
but it also teaches how to fight
I have seen so many lives being lost
in the middle of despair
I don't want this shit for me, I will

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