"So Many Flags" lyrics


"So Many Flags"

12 hours have been lost at the spanish imigration
To find yourself back home
angry rejected and filled with frustation
It's hard to say these days
what the hell is going on
If it's my country's fault or if the world that is wrong
I know it's not my fault
Cuz I didn't choose my damn flag

So many flags make me forget
Who I really am, where I belong
Am I the collor of my skin?
Or represent where I come from?
Patriotism, bread and circus:
The things that were left for me
To disregard so much pain
and so much misery

Please enjoy your liberty in the land of the free
Forget about the world
there's nothing else to see
Screw the people who don't live
within the border walls
A proud citzen of your nation
that will never let you fall
is this globalization or global domination?

I won't deny my country
I won't die for something I don't believe
I don't wanna be a goddamn hero
You can shove that medal up your ass
The ideal "No Borders, No Nations"
Turns into a complete domination
When the world goes back to zero
In this constant state of regress
One world, one human race
Yet, so many ethnies and so many tags
keep on feeding their own disgrace
With so many wars,
so many battles and so many flags

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