"No One Gets Left Behind" lyrics


"No One Gets Left Behind"

Honor, integrity, uncompromising determination rarely exist in today's society
Its been a me-first generation for far longer than any of our eyes should have seen
No matter where you are in any walk of life, ideals of camaraderie die
But for a few brave men who hold these virtues in high esteem, its their battle cry

No one gets left behind
We've lived through hell on earth together
Together in death I'll be by your side
No one gets left behind
You know I'll always have your back
And you always know I'll keep the memory of you alive

I give thanks and say a prayer every night for those who lay their lives on the line
To protect the essence that this nation was founded on despite those who push this essence aside
To the bravest of the brave, I have much heart felt admiration,
this admiration teeming with respect and awe
Cause nothing is as noble as never abandoning your brother -
their bodies and their souls are never lost

I'll always be right beside you
No matter what you go through

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