"Little Bit Of Faith" lyrics


"Little Bit Of Faith"

They drove out of town at three in the morning - hellhounds on their trail
They were low on gas, the hounds were gaining fast, but they just didn't care
Had to reach the promised land by the end of their lives, but they were running out of time
Their hearts were beating fast, but their souls were about to die
They had seen the demise of the souls all around them, they were two of the only ones left
They clung tight to each other, two scared-shit lovers, but they couldn't get no rest
They had one last chance, the odds were heavily against them, like so many times before
But you get to a point where you can't fight anymore

Walk away, walk away souls so beaten and tired
But you can't walk away, walk away cause hope keeps a soul on fire
It takes a little bit of faith to get us through the darkest night
Cause if there's nothing left to believe in you've already died
And its a little bit of hope that gets us through all the shit sometimes
All we need is a glimmer, and that's a good thing cause most of the time that's all we got

When they got closer to the border their hearts were beating slower with still no chance to rest
If all fell into place and they didn't fall flat on their face maybe then they could catch their breath
Two star-crossed kids abandoning all that was real, just to stay combatants in the fight
Armed only with each other, the faith, and the hope, they ran for their lives every night

Everyone else thinks that they're crazy but that never stopped them,
'cause they knew the real truth
Once it infests your soul it drives you slowly out of your mind,
and there's just one thing you can do

Having reached the point of no return, their souls destined to burn,
they knew they did the right thing
Nobody said it would be easy but they had to believe to reap what salvation brings
If you look another ten or twenty years down the road you'll see them illuminated by the moonlight
They have the faith and they have the hope to find something in the night

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