"La Famiglia" lyrics


"La Famiglia"

Every night when I get down on my knees I thank the Man upstairs for my family
Cause so many nights I don't think I can last any longer
But through the strength of my family I stay strong

We all go through troubles of our own
In the pitch black of the middle of the day you can feel so damn alone
But they'll give you what you need
Be it a kick in the ass, a shoulder to cry on, or clear vision to see

We're not talking blood related, just brothers and sisters of a common soul
We'll be fighting side by side in the middle of the night - La famiglia e tutto

All I need is my family, I don't need anything else
With their strength I'll get through without their love I'm lost
They always keep me on the right track
Make everything just a little better and they always have my back
We put the good of each other ahead of the good of ourselves
Always there for each other follow our brothers and sisters into the gates of hell
We'll steal their soul back from Satan
We won't let anything tear apart this family we're strong from within

Family comes first - be it your family at home or family on the street
Family comes first - don't associate with those who don't believe
If they don't have this gift for them I feel sorry
But if they try to come between you and yours they don't count for nothing - don't worry

I'd take a bullet for them, they'd take a bullet for me
All we have is each other and the music that's enough to set us free
You can't believe the solace it brings
'Cause family is everything

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