"Labor Day" lyrics


"Labor Day"

They don't need you around here anymore
They made all their money now they're closing up the door
You should feel lucky that you've had a job for so long
They say you should have saved while you were still working so suck it up and be strong

They asked you to take a 12% reduction in pay
You said that you would do it but then they closed down anyway
Their 7 digit salaries never were at risk
Although the company was in the red their bonuses were never affected

So get the family together this is a holiday
Put the burgers on the barbecue and pray it don't rain
The tough times are over cause the bad times are here
I pray we don't lose those I wish I could escape just drowning in my beer
Never fear - Labor Day

What they did was really bad, the way they did it even it worse
Last week they said they weren't gonna close down and that's for sure
You had no warning no way to prepare
Always lived paycheck to paycheck how can you live if a paycheck is not there

Just a message on the answering machine, a double lock on the door
No concern for their workers, no respect or dignity for their work
Not even the courtesy of a couple of weeks heads up
The message on the answering machine "Happy holidays you have no job"

There are no jobs left in this town at least none where you can raise your kids
All the factories they left town, all the old man bars hopped up in their stead
A couple beers and some friends can help you forget
They know what you're going through every family in town has gone through it
(and are still going through it)

You hear about it so often you become desensitized
Everyday 2,000 have been laid off and another 500 have been downsized
Its thousands of families who have to find a way
To survive another Labor Day

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