"Cosa Nostra Rock 'n' Roll" lyrics


"Cosa Nostra Rock 'n' Roll"

We've been driving all around for years on end
Just playing rock 'n' roll across this land
Our pockets are empty ain't got a pot to piss in
But through the strength of the family we're gonna win this thing
God bless our hearts and save our damned souls
This is Cosa Nostra Rock 'n' roll

Its each others' strength that's gonna keep us going
Be it words of encouragement or a shoulder to cry on
Break our asses on stage then break bread with each other
Rock 'n' roll is thicker than blood - our eternal spirit brothers
A family bonded by the music, the passion, the soul
This is Cosa Nostra rock 'n' roll

The way this family was found was untraditional
Got each other's backs and that's unconditional
We share one shit list and you don't want to get on it
If you are accepted by one of us, you are accepted by us all
If you cross the line on your ass you're gonna fall
One piece of advice for you all to heed
Don't fuck with the family

You're welcome to join us if you do things right
Leave your heart and souls on the stage every night
Family interest supersedes interest in self
Selfish pricks and rock stars look somewhere else
If you don't like how we do things, stick it in your fuckin hole
This is Cosa Nostra Rock 'n' roll

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