"Turn On You" lyrics


"Turn On You"

Got a horror growing in the back room. If you wanna be a
god, you can die like one too. Watch creation come to life. Watch
creation crucify as it turns to you. Hit the floor. Child of horrors
gonna turn on you. Computers learning and starting to walk. You better
listen when technology talks. Its gonna scan your brain and read all
your thoughts. Now watch computers turn into god. Hit the floor. Built in the image of
ourselves to deliver us from this hell of loneliness and boredom to
bring forth a new salvation. If you need it to be saved then who's the
god and who's the slave? In our image what we made, a monster like us to
destroy and invade. Science fiction ain't fiction no more, child of
horror is at your front door. The god we killed, is the god we became.
And we must die by the god we made

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