"Set The Trash On Fire" lyrics


"Set The Trash On Fire"

The tension is building and it's ready to break. With energy that cannot be contained. Give up the past, let nothing remain. It's time for a change. Set this place on fire. It's time to come alive. Break every rule that comes to mind. Stop living by the same old shit. And call it out for what it is. Burn everything in sight, to extinction, burn it clean and with destruction we'll create life. Bring all to waste, we need new space to come alive. Burn up the night, burn it till it dies, burn it. You'll live your whole life with a mind full of waste. Only to find you don't have what it takes. Nothing but trash, with nothing to say. You'll soon be erased. As the glow lights up the sky from the fires burning bright, we'll lay it all to rest. There's a new day on the rise, as waste gets piled high. We'll lay it all to rest

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