"Heavy Living" lyrics


"Heavy Living"

I wanna live where the roaches crawl. (heavy living, yeah heavy living) Behind the cracks with the rats in the walls. To watch the skin peeling right off their skulls. Cause the only way to live through it all, you gotta learn to evolve. I'm gonna creep in radiation. I'm gonna crawl through annihilation. Learn to evolve, yeah, watch it all burn clean. Learn to evolve, yeah, burning everything. Heavy livings what's it's gonna take. If you wanna thrive in nuclear waste. And all that shit you worked so hard to create will become nothing but waste. Waste makes waste. The streets stake all claim on weakness and strength and they leave a taste you'll never wipe clean from your mouth. And the filth it stains deep within the cracks. Down the dead end paths, where you'll never find your way out. You're stepping stones standing to tall. From my crawl I'll evolve. When you fall I'll evolve. All you cheats and fakes gonna find your place, burning in the waste. Burn it clean

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