"Blue Recluse" lyrics


"Blue Recluse"

Yeah I've gotta fend for myself. Cause being alone is better for my health. Isolation keeps me safe from everyone else. Life in recluse, deep in the blues. Yeah it's gonna take strength. My only friend will be pain. Living with the hurt that loneliness's brings. Ready to loose, I welcome the abuse. Move forth. Go cold. Might as well face it on my own. Cause in the end we all go out alone. Let the hurt in, yeah you've got the right. Learn to like it beating your insides black and blue. Yeah watch for the leeches that grow. They'll get their fill if you get to close. Attachment is for parasites in need of a host. Can't stop the feeding, every body is feeding. Yeah desolation is cold. Trying to survive without warmth. Freezing all alone with a chill in my bones. Life in recluse, deep in the blues

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