"Seven Tentacles And Eight Flames" lyrics


"Seven Tentacles And Eight Flames"

I'm mesmerized, a servant of the light,
Servant to the red and blue, the green, yellow and white.
They linger in so lovingly to songs so gay I scream!
Brighter than the stars themselves and sweeter than ice cream.

The masses meld, the titans come,
A crowd torn asunder to a quivering mass,
They smile down to me
And devour my face and head!

And everything - was washed away,
I was bathed in a light screaming I won't break!
White! Purest light! Clean again but limited.

Illuminated hungry smiles
Cater pillars and crocodiles

Light bulb
Flash pulse
Bright light
Bright night -
Everyone's fucked

Things never change
Only rearrange
Like a suicide
It's do or die
It's coming down again
Like a grain of sand
It's in your eye
Now you're blind.

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