"Let's Make Like A Tree And Get The Heck Outta Here" lyrics


"Let's Make Like A Tree And Get The Heck Outta Here"

let me tell you a story of a young girl just finding her way into problems.
a heart breaker breaking it down in concepts build up by sky high dreams.
she said mother please believe in me.
i know i made wrong decisions but in the end the choices were mine.
believe me they'll search for pieces.
broken hearts to bring you home. she signed the letter with ink
and a tear saying more than the words she couldn't write.
he spoke so softly and laid a hand on her shoulder.
that reassuring touch she knew so well.
he told her all the things she wanted to hear like i love you, i miss you...goodbye.
the worms will love the way you impress them with your wit.
i built this bridge over the lake so i can watch you drown.
how thoughtful am i?

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