"Worthless Original" lyrics


"Worthless Original"

Stretched out like a rent check
Higher than a rooftop
I'm trying to find out what I need
I've been having a hard time
Seeing the forest through the trees
It's a wonder my cuts even still bleed

I'm cashed and spent like a paycheck
Shit-sick like a cancer patient
Sometimes waking up's worse than dying alone
I've been having a hard time keying the knob on my front door
I've been having a hard time picking myself up off the floor

Crying out for inspiration in my life
Crying out with desperation for my life
Drying out with conversation in my life
Dying out like motivation in my life

It's such a long life (And it's too bad)

All of the action is overreaction
I'm underexposed and I'm laughing
Myself to death
But under my breath
I'm losing my shit again
The heart's a distraction
The laws of attraction have proven
That you're the best at pointing out
The think I'm the worst at

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