"Within The Range Of A Raven" lyrics


"Within The Range Of A Raven"

I had a dream once about giving up
I had a hard time convincing myself it doesn’t mean anything
Would you still stand by me?

And we woke up breaking kinda heavy, sunlight on the bedding
Do you wanna go out and face this city now?
Then my eyes they were borne away by the curvature in cutaway
Can you tell me now, try to tell me now, what’s the reasoning?

Why do your eyes always show me what I wanna say?
Why does my heart go out and feel like it’s the end of me
Can someone out there give me something to make me believe?
I don’t want this anymore

Don’t be surprised I’m a bad motherfucker
Got one hand open quartz point in the other
We could die with one breath from our fathers
But we can’t help but dig and pull our brother from the gutter

I don’t want this

Thanks to Matt Z for these lyrics

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