"Weren't No Fun" lyrics


"Weren't No Fun"

The sick words that I uttered
On that day they weren’t my own
I can see the sad face of my mother
Or a child I’ll never know
And it goes

So the description called for something bigger than this
But its alright…you know I still don’t read recycled papers everyday
And it’s been awhile since I heard that voice or saw that face
But still I had to write some fucking words down anyway
And they go

Why don’t you wake up?
Why don’t you wake?
Is this your getaway?
There’s something I could say

Sadly go
So often
All of my days and nights now
Saving all my life for you
Carry on
And on and on…
It’s all that I’ve got left to do
Penance paid while I’m done

Thanks to Matt Z for these lyrics

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