"Deadly Groundz" lyrics


"Deadly Groundz"

Raise and speak in my name
for the first and the last
sufferings to suffocate
on your homefront stand up and fight
bloody wars built walls inside of our hearts
legions we don't need
you cannot fall, unless you're afraid of destiny

Fill your heart with strength, on deadly groundz we live
Fill your heart with strength, Tuzla blood LY

On the deadly groundz we are aware of the worst
If you cheat, be ready to pay your price
No matter what we never strike on the first blood
My heart you wont break mothafuckar, I've seen it all

This fuckin city, this shattered realm - tear us apart
false prophets, godless prayers - tear us apart
in God we trust, flawless believers - tear us apart
fuckin two-faced friends, spineless cowards - tear us apart
Tear us apart
Maybe I'm just blind

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