"Circle Of Trust" lyrics


"Circle Of Trust"

What to believe in
Whom to believe today
What to believe in
Tell me the truth
Tell me the truth

Different roads we walk
Different roads - collapse and failure you self-destructor half human being
Impulsive greed, greed for more, warning nightmares, too blind to see
Different worlds – pushing further, forcing change, under siege
Science, thoughts, inner peace, answers lie within the reach of those who try
To rule with their own lives

Impaled disgust, jackals torn among themselves
Frustration overtakes, they have to be enslaved
Maintain control, embrace the weapons by which we talk
Reshape the world, different roads we walk – different roads.

I refuse to worship your money.
I refuse to be one of a million.
I simply refuse to be inside your circle of trust.
My life has value.

Different roads we walk
Maintain control!

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