"This May Cause Lung Cancer" lyrics


"This May Cause Lung Cancer"

well im nervous that ill wake up the dead my conscience fails repeating through me head you don’t care and the rooms filling up with smoke and my anxiouties got me by the throat and ill make a choice but its probably not the best choice after all im waiting for this knot to come undone ive tried to refraine but temptations kill ive seen it all fall and just walk the other way its left me feeling empty so awkwardly at times I know in my heart its right still I cant get it off my mind because its tearing me apart im getting tierd of picking up the pieces to go right back at the start that’s how its always going to be when will this all get washed away with the sea? And we’ve hear it all before same shit said a thousand times and will we ever stop to notice we’re doing just fine

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