"It's Reassuring To See You Smile" lyrics


"It's Reassuring To See You Smile"

lets make this right hey lets make this be okay we’ve had hard times and fight but this time im not hear to blame it needn’t be this difficult to have a conversation but as you turn and hide behind assumptions you push yourself away you choose to be alone but I feel the same just make the call ill be waiting by the phone with each new day it all seems the same like it couldn’t get much worse you can loose control but I don’t want to loose control when I feel oppertunities close I cant see the horizon lets tear down these walls please don’t let us fade away I want you to know you caught me by surprise when you said your loosing all that you valued most sometimes its hard to recognize what you want but I hope that you reach for the stars I know that you’ve already seen the light and how bright it shines we maynot always find our way we all get so lost in the frey this is all life has to offer and life waits for no one so lets tear down these walls please don’t let us fade away and when im overwhelmed with anguish its reassuring to see you smile.

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