"Clear Blue Skies" lyrics


"Clear Blue Skies"

wake up open thoes tierd eyes its been so long since we’ve talked all night ill try and make up everything that I could not but I can not promise if that’s going to last and time will tell but it only moves so fast and I dont want to bring you down with me with wings ill fly I wont say goodbye and these tears you cry will never replace me ill walk down this path no Im never looking back and I have these lucid dreams times closing in on me I just cant escape it my teeth keep falling out and its getting hard to breath this nights keep repeating if we don’t ever make it out alive at least ill know on the inside that we tried yeah it was all in my head I think its time I take a chance I have to get away and clear my mind this time redefine still time slips by and feelings die but I never thought it would change so quickly theres just some things we cant take back.

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