"Paulina" lyrics



you think I'm square
don't like the clothes I wear
the way I comb my hair
the way I sit and stare at you
it's just a game to take the spot-
light off of me
I'm just afraid of what you might think
sing another stupid song
about everything that's wrong
girls and other surface things
do mean a lot to me but I
I could not let you in
let you in too deep
I'm just afraid of what you might think
paulina, you know this isn't me
I've been dishonest now it's time to come clean
I said paulina, I'm the one for you you'll see
just as soon as you see me
don't walk away from me listen to what I say
all right I'm sorry I never wanted it this way I took it
I took it too far with my insecurities
I'm just afraid of what you might think...

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