"Once Upon A Life" lyrics


"Once Upon A Life"

Featuring Denis Shaforostov of Make Me Famous

They have fallen down
to there knees
All those ropes around my arms
anchor at neck just gets me down
and I cant take this anymore
the ocean is my only home!
Take my soul, take my breath away
Look in the eyes, of fear!

I will never look back
and never fall down
I'd rather die on my feet
then lay on the ground
and we can fight for our dreams
and we may fall down
but have the strength to be the one
who's always fighting till the end
and show them all what we really can
And let the fire inside your chest burst through
let go off your feet and it will carry you

Body's lost no one is here!
The creature of death the fear himself!

So we took our chance
I bet that i had
just one chance to show the faith
so we took our chance
and we'd rather die trying our best
then just fall back

Wrong roads no coming back
but at the end road
you wont come back
my, words will be
in your mind
you find yourself
like at night!

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