"I Love Your Guts" lyrics


"I Love Your Guts"

At best, all you'd ever be
Is pretty, green and wrecked with industry
You make me try so hard to not give a fuck
But I think I might love your guts
You make me wanna do yuppie shit with you
You make me wanna lie a lot
Like I would take you to the flyest spots
And don't just stay in getting high a lot
In a panic room that's built for two

I dig your ribs, I dig your skin, I dig your leopard print, I'm in
I'm down to drink cheap, think cheap and sleep all through next week
But the truth is out there, it's sipping bourbon and plotting its revenge
I hope you brought some friends for my friends

Whatever moment you're trying to have
It isn't happening
It isn't happening
Whatever moment you're trying to have
It isn't happening
I'll make damn sure of that

And it's the same plan as last week
Swallow, wallow, scowl, and repeat
I down charisma by the cup
And how'd I get so charming?
It's a party, this shit is just so dope!
I'm blowing chunks through my nose!
Then when it's time to hit the road
You paw the wheel back to the curb
We're losing traction, it's just a fraction of my concern

The bait-and-exchange is a game
I don't wanna play no more
But you keep asking
Gasps fill in my memory gaps
And whistle back across synapses
So just keep asking
It isn't happening

I love your guts

"You wassup girl, ain't gotta ask it
I dead 'em all now, I buy the caskets
They should arrest you or whoever dressed you
Ain't tryna stress you, but Ima let you know
Girl, you be killing 'em, you be killing 'em
Girl, you be killing 'em, you be killing 'em"

Thanks to hey girl slow down for these lyrics

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