"Hunger Strike" lyrics


"Hunger Strike"

I cannot be moved
And I'm all out of bad news
So what's there left to do when there's nothing left to consume?
And oh, I want your blues
But I won't pay for nothing used
Well, you don't get every little thing you want
But we do

It's not right to complain
When the clouds are all out of their rain
But I'll just trace the shapes in all the spaces in between
And oh, I want your pain
Want it engraved with my own name
"And don't you feel ashamed?"
Nah, but then we don't feel much anything

So how much for your sad?
Because I've got it good
And I want it bad

Could tell by my reflection
I'm only starving for attention
Feeding off a beggar's pension, eating all that I could steal
But I just want to feel full
After finishing a meal
Without going on a hunger strike
That's my right
You got no right to steal

So don't tell me that I don't feel a thing
When you can't afford a mile
Don't tell me that I don't feel a thing
I'd swear on my mother's eyes
But wouldn't swear on mine

And every lie I've told
Is a lie that I spun from gold
And you deserve the truth
We bit off far more than we could chew

Thanks to hey girl slow down for these lyrics

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