"Glasnost" lyrics



I don't recall the day
When I first acquired the taste
For radioactive waste
But it made me feel like super strong
Instead of wired wrong
Who knows the lives I could've saved
If I just once forgot my place?

You shouldn't have
You shouldn't have to ask
I kept my master plans a secret
From the only one's who'd keep it
Aw, you shouldn't have to ask
I know I owe you all a glasnost

Things just look bigger when you're low
And if you're bitter no one knows
It's 'cause you never told
Any hideout could make a home
When you get tired of being alone
You should say so

And all my worst designs
I kept them locked up in this lead-lined
Box up until bedtime
And this city ain't seen trouble
'Til they boil into thought bubbles
And piles of notes on Mentos and Diet Coke
And quiet folks

You shouldn't have
You shouldn't have to ask
Even the most disastrous masterminds
Fall a step behind
But I got hands and rubber bands
And I got plans

Believe it or not, I've got a way with words I don't deserve
Believe it or not, I've got a way with words
I'm especially good at lying
And I'm not trying to break bad habits
I've found a partner in crime in the panic
So don't you ever worry
I'm happy 'cause you're happy for me

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