"Fuckin With Me" lyrics


"Fuckin With Me"

Thank you for staying
Until my second act, I’m much obliged
You found me like some feral child
And I’m grateful
Because you taught me
How to be people

It’s been too long
You still come first
‘Cause you’ve seen me at my worst
And you’re still fuckin with me
I’m a mean drunk
I play too much
But you’re still fuckin with me

The real world showed up naked
I thought I’d be cleaning out the grease traps
And bringing home the bacon
I like to think that
They’re buying my time
Not my attention

Tomorrow we should wake at 8 to daydrink
Breakfast with Andre, I will try to be up by 9
Pacing my cage on all fours, dragging my knuckles on the floor
Keep me occupied, I spend too much time with me as is

I won’t be good enough for half the things I daydream
But if I’m good enough for you, then I’m amazing
You brought the fear of fire to the wolves that raised me
God bless this mess, made from your discarded parts

And when I make plans
You’re in all of them
I will follow you like some Frankenstein

I need you to grow
When I’m all alone
Turns out I can’t just do nothing right

Days get shorter now
I’ve moved underground
You should really come visit sometime

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