"Party Time!" lyrics


"Party Time!"

Come on lets get it right
Get bent get black or white
Get lost, get out of sight
Get down with me
Come on and take my hand
Take out the master plan
Take care of business, man
Take one two three
Go, go, go, go ahead
Go on, get out of bed
Go back to what you said
Go on be free

Just because you've had enough
Doesn't mean you leave
It should never take that long
To get you on your knees
Now you want to sing a different song
You gotta sing it begging baby
Please, please, please, please, please

I see your rambling now
I see you stepping out
You've got your weapon out
Pointing it at me
Baby fire away, if you miss you better pray
This could be your lucky day
I'm on a winning streak

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