"Eastern Locust" lyrics


"Eastern Locust"

Each day you step through me
Never bat an eye
No surprise
Now slowly but surely
You will recognize
I'm the shivers down your spine

Traded in my halo
Heaven's holy payload
I'll never get my wings
I choose darker things

You never called to me
And I'm not on your mind
No surprise
The breath on the window
The handprint on your neck
You're still mine

Traded in my halo
Heaven's holy payload
I will never get my wings
I'm doing wicked things
I chose the darkness above the light
Cause you know that it's the same damn thing

I choose to live in an endless hallway
I choose the sea of regret
I may be doomed but you'll be sorry
You haven't seen me yet

I've learned no lesson
Paid no time
This blank expression
I will not die
Hear my confession
I'm warning you
This house I'm haunting
Will haunt you too

As long as I'm free
You will never be
As long as I'm free
You will never be
You will never
You will never
Never be

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