"We're Not Alone" lyrics


"We're Not Alone"

They came and took me away in my sleep
And I awoke to a light in my eyes
Then something crept inside
It took me right through the walls
What the hell is wrong with my head?
I feel as good as dead. (As dead.)
It couldn't be a dream, oh god it's not a dream
They took me right through the walls (oh god)
I cannot separate fact from fiction

And we look to the sky
You know you're never gonna make me run and hide
I'm not a coward, I'm a fighter for humanity
and I'm saving the world.
Take up your arms and stand
I'm going to fight for this world with my broken hands
I won't let this city fall.

I toss and turn at night
I try and shake this fright
How did I get these scars?
I can't explain the things that happened to me
What has happened to me?


This is a battle for the end of the world
My images of them are vague and inhumane
It isn't in my head [x6]


I'm saving the world
With these broken hands
I will run when I cannot stand.

Save the world.

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