"Arson Attack" lyrics


"Arson Attack"

Arson Attack as the sky fades to black
Twenty-two dead they're never coming back

Suspect on the loose, free and at large
Handiwork complete, escaped free of charge

The sky fills with smoke and moon's glowing red
The fires grow beyond control, more and more they spread

An inferno of loss, more lives erased
Painful memories that nothing can replace

Burnin' like a fuse distinct in its' sound
He'll laugh as it crumbles, rubble on the ground

Your evyes being to burn and your lungs fills with smoke
Fall down on your knees, and he'll watch you choke

Fear is the beginning, turmoil the end
No chance of escaping, Agony within

Sad day forever, but many lie ahead
Forget about the past, nothing more to be said

Thanks to Dave for these lyrics

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