"Run Me Down" lyrics


"Run Me Down"

It's time for me to scream again
Because I advocate the difference
I become prouder every time
This feeling grow inside my tortured mind

It's not about identity- can't you see
And it's not exactly what you might call psychology

It's just that I want to be free
No matter what you think - as strange as I can be

You call me weirdo, freak; stupid, useless
Coming from you it's a compliment to me
I don't give a damn 'bout what you think
Difference's something that you don't want to see
You can run me down!

To those of the minority
From race to homosexuality
Don't let the common people win
They mustn't impose anything at all

The problem is society don't you see?
We are guilty of not being part of it, you and me

So what if I what to be free
No matter, what you think - as strange as I can be

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