"Slither" lyrics



Sent back to square one
I should have seen what’s next
I’d rather the reaper instead,
That’s what said it best
Shattered bones from countless falls is something I regret
I’ve faced the gallows more than once,
With your noose around my neck
Take four, I told you so
Can’t leave well enough alone
Whispers while distant,
Reaffirm nights without rest
That forked tongue still flicking at my ear
Keep warm in your selfishness

Needy and fed with tangible expressions
Confirming all of what I know
Still can’t leave well enough alone
Eyes wide from sidelines,
But still blind from old times
Keep suffering from these constant falls
Only wanting to be whole
You’re a fool, you’re rushing in
The opposite for what you’re yearning
You need to burn old leaves
To get the new ones turning
Outsider intervention,
Love loss

The sinking feelings all that’s left
No more force fed insincerity
Die cold in your selfishness
I hate myself
I should have just left this dead
Transformation disguised,
Marred by all of the bullshit you said

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