"Observation Deck" lyrics


"Observation Deck"

Search the skyline
Told that your time here is not your own
And there’s a master plan
Buried alive by it all
Just existing while slowly drowning in the quicksand
Just ebb and flow
Slipping control
The scales tipped by fate
Not what your hands would sew
The fear of the unknown takes its toll
Tell yourself it’s far more simple to let go
You keep circling square one
Far from a victim of circumstance
I’ve had self doubt but I crawled out
While you’ve relinquished command
The fear of the unknown takes its toll on my self doubt
But I crawled out
All alone I was wandering back and forth
Back and forth blindly between what I could and what I wanted to be
No future call, nothing at all
At least as far as I could see
No future call, nothing at all
Nothing at all, no future call

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