"Hunger Pains" lyrics


"Hunger Pains"

Promises fallen on deaf ears
Coinciding with other’s misspent years
Bright lights to document the start of lies
Not long now ‘til we sever ties
Turned a blind eye to those you left in the wake
Others bleed and sweat and give,
I’ve only ever seen that hand take
The motivation is to feed then
Disregard them when they’re bound
I can’t believe that I agreed
And sold my soul so easily
Consider this a warning
Don’t make the same mistake
The bastards won’t get a second chance
Trust me,
There’s no clean slate
Don’t let the bastards get a second chance
Roam the room for the next king
Secretly not concerned with their well being
This treachery will have you reap what you’ve sewn
You take the praise you fucking snakes
We’ve earned this on our own

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