"Deathwish Blues" lyrics


"Deathwish Blues"

What a way to pass the precious little time we have
Blend into the background, follow the spiral down
Always feeling under attack
A life so bright, now fades to black
So addicted to grieving, in the end it's yourself you're deceiving

Curled up and taking a beating
Tragedy is for sufferers, you only suffer from self absorption
Banish thoughts of a positive outlook, remainder of a heartless existence
Longing for loneliness, aching for the worst of heartache
Hoping to be hopeless, so empty, who wants to be so empty?

Dead ends, no future for the ones who've sold themselves short
For a life no-one should want
The poison is spreading, like a fire, like the fucking plague
This war is waging, in your own brain, manic, depressive, pretentious claims...

Settle down for the long run, but in time you will see the mistakes you've made
The clock stops for no-one, the hands can never turn back
No love for your own self, show a concrete heart to everyone else
Looking for sympathy, you won't be getting it from me!

This is the anthem of your shame, it's real life not a fucking game
Lying dead on the pavement, your life is only as good as you make it!
Why so sad?
What do you want that you never had?
Empty shell of a person, your warped perception will be your downfall...

Save all the bullshit and lies, no-one's listening
Stop cursing the world for your problems, it's not that fucking cold!

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