"Chaz Reinhold" lyrics


"Chaz Reinhold"

Break away from what I had
It killed the drive that is in me
Dominating my self esteem
A crippled mind is setting in
Stay determined to what I want
Then I will succeed
I'd be lying to myself
If I said this was not for me

I've got the strength to persevere
I've set the course I'll never look back
There's no doubt within my mind
I'll never give up on what I hold so close to my heart

No point in dwelling on past mistakes
I'll make the most with what I've got
Confronting all that I fear

No one said this would be easy
But nothing worth doing ever is
I won't be kept down

Always told to give up
You'll never make it in this life

But it was your doubt in me
That fueled me to push on

With heart and conviction
I will never loose my way

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