"16 X 8" lyrics


"16 X 8"

Sixteen and eight guided by the hand of frustration
A nervous wreck rose red
Tongue-tied at the prospect of conversation,
I tremble at the circumstance
Each ring tells me that I have no chance
Persist, persist there’s no safety net
But a free fall on your own terms is the only way to get
Clarity for the journey you’ve been missing all along
Crush the rhetoric of the voices that said I was wrong
The world won’t wait so fuck the mold
There are stories to be made and told,
I refuse to be the sum of my fears
Sixteen and eight have been the best of years
Faith fading, you’re mistaken to think
That we’re still able to share the same vision now
I’ve been shunned from your table
Back to basics
These faces still terrify me
Back to basics
Fuck you, I’m breaking free
And now I’m not alone,
Thanks to this outlet now I have grown

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