"Unfaithful" lyrics



Stomaching the sight playing out inside my head
A thousand times
Do you even fucking care?
Feel remourse in any way?
How did I miss this?

Fight the tears and feel it slowly die
Kept inside
And I am left with nothing more than
All the unwanted memories that keep me awake
Thoughts of four wasted years
And the things that I'd seen on that day

Leave me tied up in my thoughts alone
Pin me to the floor the writhe
In all the hate and the anger
Our bond that you severed
I never thought, never
That I'd be this way

Look me in the eyes
And try to say that you ever cared
Just get up and walk away
To let slip a single tear
You're hardly worth it

Years of love must not have meant
The same to you as strangers' beds
I since have learned I'm not so lost
I bet you soon he'll pay the cost

Unfaithful to me
And the men that I'm sure you will know
To our love and commitment
That you had let go
Take this knife that you stuck in mt back
And use it again, show the love that you lack
For yourself

You don't have a heart at all
You're unfaithful

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