"Goner" lyrics



I never thought that I'd be writing down these words
To think that things might be okay, I see I was so wrong
Take it back, take it back, take it back
I've been losing it now I'm so..

Sick and afraid, tie this noose around my neck
Kick out the stool from underneath my feet
Silence me, we were all goners from the very start

Please, make it stop
I thought my conscience dead and gone, but now it's back again
Prying at my eyes but I'm already blind
Just leave me fucking dead

Where did I go wrong?
The days just run together with no end
My cares have stopped
I don't see anything like I did years ago
And I feel like I'm dead
But it has to be beating
Although not the same
My heart has to be beating
My heart, it's still beating

It's not a passing thought
It's always in my head
I speak too much and regret every fucking word I've said to you
Each breath I take feels meaningless

I've never felt so cold in my entire life and now
We're gone, we're gone, all gone
So close your eyes and cut your teeth on your new life
While I bite off my fucking tongue
And never speak again

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