"Common Grounds" lyrics


"Common Grounds"

Knowing that I have grown to be the thing I've always pushed away
The essence of everything that I have learned to hate
Oh god damn, why is this happening to me?

I feel my life is buried with regret
Morals can't gasp for breath under the burden of my own disease
Although we're abandoned and drowning
We reach for a life that we lived once before

Falling out
Tearing down the walls of what I've hidden for so long
Concealed from the eyes of judgment
My god please, take mercy on me
I know that I don't deserve a fucking thing from you
But I can't hold it in anymore
Please, give me some hope that we can be ok

I've walked these common grounds with them for so long
But we still don't see eye to eye
You see my guilt
And you've held it close
And you've held it closer than I ever did myself
It's time to let it go

It's drowning out
A lifeless gaze

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