"White Collar Zombie" lyrics


"White Collar Zombie"

You’re always questioning what I’ve become
Saving everything I think is dumb
And how I’m living my life like a fugitive on the run
From any sense of responsibility
Your way of life holds no appeal to me
Chained to your nine to five

To me this holds some meaning
These songs, they keep me breathing
The words help me to define
What I’ve been feeling
When you know who you are and you don’t need to be told

Go on and live your life
I’m busy living mine
Don’t need your advice
Because I am doing just fine
I don’t need a time clock to dictate my life

We all compromise
What’s your sacrifice?
It’s just a matter of
Where you choose to draw the line
You’ve got your money
I’ve got my pride

This is what we have
Something permanent, the ideals aren’t fleeting

This is what we want
something we know is worth believing

this is who we are
we choose the kind of life we’re leading

we don’t need to be told what to think or what to do
do you know what being an automaton does to you?

Thanks to Mike for these lyrics

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