"Adderall And Alcohol" lyrics


"Adderall And Alcohol"

Another night spent staring at the ceiling
Looking upward, hoping for some meaning
When the night comes
Why can’t thoughts just fade away?

There’s just these cracks and shadows
They point the way to where my mind goes nothing’s revealed here to believe in

As other sleep, they’re peacefully dreaming
I stare at plasterboard, silently screaming
When the morning comes, there’ll be hell to pay

And tomorrow, it all will start again
Sleep where have you gone my fickle friend?

Bloodshot eyes and exhausted sighs,
These nights just leave my days feeling compromised
I lie awake all night and sleepwalk through the day

There’s got to be more than this
I think I’m on the verge of it
It’s starting to make sense
But my tired mind will just forget

I just need a little bit of respite
a clear head and some time to make sense of it
but if I don’t sleep tonight,
I just might lose my mind

My body’s tired but my mind won’t rest
It puts what sanity I have left to the test

Zero minutes until sunrise
There’s not enough time in this life

If sleep should ever come again
Will the night grab hold of it
And strangle it to death?

Another night spent staring at the ceiling
Looking forward upward hoping for some meaning

No solace found in each spiteful sunrise
The world is hard to see through these tired eyes
They have their dreams and I want mine
I’ll find solace when it comes time
To close my eyes and not wonder “Why?”
When I can finally sleep at night.

Thanks to Mike for these lyrics

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