"What If?" lyrics


"What If?"

Dateline the early 1970's
Now world famous rock quartet The Doors lead singer James Morrison has recently died
While down but certainly not out
The surviving members desperately tried to piece together their broken lives
Every option was considered, a new name
The windows, the walls, even the door knobs
Ultimately, the band opted to carry on under the original Doors name auditioning new singers.
One young hopeful, a struggling art student from Athens Georgia,
Fred Schnider, who went on to front the hugely successful B-52's tried out for this position
The lyrical style of the young Schnider more known for his quick wit and imprompto jams
Was hard fought to match the well structured melodies of the classic Doors numbers.
Let's listen in...

Love me 2 times
Love me 3 times
I've got me a car
It seats about 20
So hurry up and bring your jukebox money
Gloria, Gloria
You're living in your own private Idaho
Living in your own private Idaho
This is the end
This is the end
Wammy kiss me wammy hug
Revitalize me give me wammy love yeah!

Light my fire
We couldn't get much hire
He was in a jam
He's in a giant clam

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