"Ticket To Quebec" lyrics


"Ticket To Quebec"

I'm proud to be an American
The ones who dropped the bomb
If we invade your country
It won't take us too long
The liberals think I'm crazy
Because I feel this way
I'm terrified of what they are thinking
Not the things they say

Warfare is coming
So I [?]
Get your bomb

I'm American
And you are American't
If you don't like it here
Take this ticket to Quebec
It's simple human nature
The strongest will survive
If the enemy shows up here
We will be forced to vaporize


A whole new generation
Pathetic education
Casting sympathetic views
For this I need an explanation
Now brace yourself for war
Or face deportation
Tis time to change your attitude
Or prepare for lubrication


Thanks to Mattt for these lyrics

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