"My Neighbor's Baby" lyrics


"My Neighbor's Baby"

I came home real late one Friday night
I thought I was going to die
My head was still pounding from the night before
We took some fry

Just before I laid down to go to sleep
Well I heard that noise
That little baby, it drives me crazy
So I've got no choice

My neighbor's baby never sleeps a wink
My neighbor's baby gives me the creeps
That baby's got to be stopped somehow
With a lethal injection of gow

Now that we have rid ourselves of this child
With a little gow
It's time to have a little fun and clean up
Clean up our town

We scratched a few six six six and swastikas
Right in his head
We wrote a note and we put it in its hand
Now you'll see red

My neighbor's baby don't cry no more
Just lies there silently on the floor
My neighbor's baby is gonna help me how
Get the filth out of my town

Now when I come home late on Friday night
And think I'm gonna die
My head may pound like hell like it did before
But I did it right

When I lay down down to fall asleep
And I hear a noise
I got that baby stuffed in a hefty
Ready to deploy

My neighbor's baby that pissed and screamed
My neighbor's baby worked like a dream
My neighbor's baby it can work for you
That little baby oh I love you

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