"I Have A Dream" lyrics


"I Have A Dream"

Hey hey today's my lucky day
Puff was taken out
By Snoop & Dr. Dre
Hey hey a plane went down today
The entire cast of friends
Found floating in the bay
Fuck yea hoo ray
Cancer killed the guy
From sugar ray
Hey hey it's my lucky day
The Canadian government said that
We can play - eh!
Climb the ladder of success
And you'll have loads of friends
Make damn sure that no one
Hears you when speak your mind
Smile nicely laugh a little
As you slap that back
I'm so happy ain't it grand
Warren from the vandals isn't very tan
Just joking we love ya warren
Honk konk your ska
Shank your way right to
Lock jaw
Lucky [x10] day
No fuck no
What you gonna do now
No fuck no no
What you gonna do
No no no
What you gonna do now
No fuck no
Lucky me I found a magic lamp
Send those Eskimos
To a European camp
Raining down from above
I'll relieve myself on Courtney love
Today must be my lucky day
Cause you got H.I.V. (not me)
While you decay and suffer
I'll take in a movie
I struck oil under my house
While planting magic beans
I only wish these things
Were more than just a dream

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