"Hit Machine" lyrics


"Hit Machine"

Let's try and be positive here for a minute shall we?
Can you dig what I'm sayin brothers and sisters?
I'm talking about we're here to spread joy
Throughout the world with our beautiful music
Now I know you know what I'm saying

Here we go!
Wonderful life!

Come on friend no time to lose
Cause we ain't going to sing blues
It ain't going to matter now
The lord has said let's get it's down

Think of us as Jesus and you are our disciples
We are going to lead you on a fantastic journey to happiness
Such as you have never dreamed of
You know what I'm saying friend?
Hold on to my hand man

Here we go!
Wonderful life!

Raise that roof work that ass
Fill my tank with disco gas
We pump the dopest jam around
G-mouth here to get on down

On behalf of myself, Pastor Mark
I ask you all to add a little something to the collection plate

Here we go!
Wonderful life!

Forgive me Mark for I have sinned
One more time you won't get in
I robbed another taco bell
Sorry Joe it's straight to hell

Spread the word across the land
You will be my new house band
Seven days a week you'll play
And if you don't do what I say

Straight to hell
Straight to hell
Straight to hell
Straight to hell

By your command

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